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What is the difference between going to court and solving issues outside of court?2023-04-20T20:48:01+00:00

At the most basic level, the difference is between asking the Court to determine the outcome of your case vs. reaching agreement and making your own decisions. At A to Z Law Erie, we firmly believe that it is better to resolve your issues outside of court. When you choose to litigate and go to court, you give up power over the process and surrender decision-making to a stranger who hears the arguments that you and the other side make against each other. When you decide to resolve your issues outside out court, you get to make your own decisions, and with our help, you can work together with the other side to try to resolve the conflict underlying the issues. This leads to long-term solutions that work for you, and your family. We are professional problem solvers, here to help you resolve your issues with dignity and respect, using peacemaking processes that are specifically designed to make this possible.

What are Peacemaking Processes?2023-04-20T20:53:24+00:00

Peacemaking Processes are methods of resolving your legal issues outside of court. These processes empower you to make decisions and reach agreement by addressing and seeking to resolve the conflict underlying the issues. This type of resolution is healthier and more effective than a temporary fix to ongoing problems. Your process options at A to Z Law Erie include the Collaborative Process, Mediation, and Unbundled Services.

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A to Z Law Erie believes in helping resolve your legal issues the best way for you, which is why we offer process options based upon your needs and interests.

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